Subscribe With Confidence.

What Does This Mean?

I manage my email marketing list responsibly.

  • I will send you an email if you give me permission to do so (by subscribing to my mailing list). I will respect your permission.

  • I will only send you email that is related to what you subscribed to and why you subscribed.

  • You can unsubscribe whenever you want with a click of your mouse.

“What If I Want To Unsubscribe?”

At the end of every email you receive from this website you will see an unsubscribe link.

Click on that link and I will unsubscribe you immediately!

Visitation Tracking

The website uses Google Analytics to track user volume, interaction, and frequency. The data collected by Google Analytics in no way personally identifies you to me. Google Analytics, in relation to me, is a third party data processor. Google Analytics uses cookies. You can disable cookies on your web browser to stop Google Analytics from tracking your visit to my website.

Contact Form

If you contact me using the contact form on my contact page, none of the data/info will be stored by me or passed to/processed by a third party.