The Journey Continues / by Michael Zeigler

When I began my creative journey with photography nearly a decade ago, I had no idea it would take me on such amazing adventures and introduce me to so many incredible souls. Yes, that may sound super cheesy, but it’s true. And over the past year I have noticed a shift in my focus; a shift in the way I see opportunity, light, and moments. I cannot put a finger on exactly why (perhaps mid-life something-or-other, raising children, impending doom?), but frankly I don’t care. I like it.

In the coming year I plan on following that shift in vision to see where it takes me. Honestly, I’m pretty exciting about it ... whatever “it” is. But I do know this - I’m ready for new successes, new failures, learning, and growing. I’m planning on writing more (read: again) and will be re-launching my (this) blog. It is my hope that you will continue to read along.

I’ll be sharing my adventures as they take me above and below the sea; my approaches and workflow, techniques, gear, and more. In the interim, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at